Rising Popularity of Moonstone Engagement Ring

Moonstone Engagement Ring

The otherworldly beauty of Moonstone has captured the hearts of jewelry lovers since ancient times. And these days, moonstone jewelry has become very common as an everyday accessory. This is because it has that perfect balanced appearance and at the same time has captivating beauty. For this reason, it has become a favorite choice as an engagement ring.

Moonstone has a soft sheen which gives it a very feminine and delicate look. The soft sheen is caused by adularescence, a phenomenon in which the light gets scattered due to the structural position of minerals in the gemstone and gets diffracted. It is found in shades of pink, peach, white, green, blue, gray, and black. It ranges from transparent to opaque. The most prized variety of Moonstone is found in Sri Lanka and India.

There are many reasons to choose Moonstone for your engagement ring, but before diving into that, let’s know the prerequisites of buying an moonstone engagement ring.

When it comes to engagement-related shopping, you want to be a hundred and ten percent sure about it because its once a lifetime thing. And an engagement ring is something you and your partner will wear for the rest of your life, so you need to give it a good thought.

If you are planning to propose to your partner, you should start to take notice of their choice in jewelry. See what metal they like or are a minimalist when it comes to jewelry or go over boards when it comes to accessorizing their outfit. Do they like something traditional and classic, or are they all for something unique and try new styles. This will help you understand and focus on what you should actually buy.

Decide Upon a Budget:

Now that you know about your partner’s choice, decide upon a budget. Weddings do involve many costs, but one can have their dream wedding without spending a fortune by taking the help of a budget mark. When you decide on a limited amount, you know you cannot make many changes with them. With this, you save a lot without blindly making extravagant expenditures.

Buy From a Trusted Place:

You need to find a trusted place to shop for an engagement ring. Jewelry is all about the stone’s 4 Cs (clarity, cut, carat, color). So make sure you are buying it from a reputed place. I suggest you checking out Rananjay Exports. They deal in good quality, genuine gemstone jewelry. They also deal in customized jewelry.

Buy The Evergreens:

Because the engagement ring is an everyday jewelry piece, it should be something that has always been in fashion. Choose a stone that has been loved for a long time now.

How Moonstone Engagement Ring is Perfect?

It is chic and classy: Moonstone engagement ring can be a perfect option because it defines rich taste in jewelry. In addition, it has that delicate feminine look to fall for.

It is best for everyday jewelry. There is this special thing about this gemstone that it makes you stand out and look classy. It can look minimal, still rich in beauty that you garner praises for your unique taste.

Moonstone calms down your emotions and alleviates all the stress. In addition, it promotes good fortune and success and this is why it is considered a good option as an engagement ring.

Designs in Moonstone Engagement Rings

Uneven Faceted Moonstone:

Moonstone is faceted to highlight its sheen and color. When it is unevenly faceted, it shows a rustic look of the gemstone.

Floral Moonstone Ring:

Moonstone in a flower-shaped setting of ring creates a picture of perfection. It brings out the unique beauty of the gemstone.

Bezel Setting:

It is considered most secure for the gemstone and is perfect for an engagement ring.

Side-Stone Setting:

The side stones in a moonstone ring adds extra glitter to its overall appearance.

Halo Moonstone Ring:

This design adds extra shine to the Moonstone and gives it a secure setting.

Gemstone Care

Moonstone needs to be handled carefully, so whenever you are doing household work that requires you to put your hands in harsh detergents or cleaners, you should remove the ring. Taking out jewelry while exercising is also a good step to protect your gemstone jewelry.

Always use mild soap and water to clean gemstone jewelry and then wipe it with a soft cloth. Keep it separate from other jewelry pieces in a cloth-lined jewelry box.

Finding The Right Place to Buy a Moonstone Engagement Ring

I have talked to many of my clients regarding their jewelry shopping experience, and they have told me about the challenges they have faced. Sometimes it’s about the quality, and other times it is price. But then there were these other clients who told me about their smooth shopping experience with Rananjay Exports. They deal in genuine quality gemstone jewelry in 925 sterling silver and have a wide range of designs at quite reasonable prices. They are the best in wholesale silver gemstone jewelry.

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