Taurus Birthstone – Lucky Stone, Meanings, Benefits, Uses

Taurus Birthstone

Each Zodiac sign is somehow connected with some precise gemstones and crystals. Wearing the correct gemstone can attract optimistic energies and vibes into your life. They also help eliminate negative energies and offer a revitalized understanding of independence. In this blog, we are going to get connected with the Taurus Zodiac, the second among the twelve zodiac signs, and also to know which Taurus gemstones and Taurus birthstone are most suitable for this zodiac sign.

Taurus Zodiac Sign

The people born between April 20 and May 20 are the Taurus ones. The element of Taurus is the Earth. The sign of this zodiac depicts a ‘Bull.’ This icon represents a bull’s head with immense and sharp, full-figured, and curvy horns. The bull’s symbol symbolizes the power, stubbornness, determination, and masculinity in the people born with this zodiac.

The ruling planet of the Taurus zodiac is Venus. It is the most exquisite planet that handles passion, attractiveness, and money. The letters for the name in this zodiac sign are U, V, W, and B. According to Hindu astrology, the Taurus zodiac is called “Vrishabh.”

The Personality of Taurus Borns – Taurus Birthstone Meanings

The key trait of the Taurus people is they are very stubborn. They are uncompromising in achieving their goal, and whatever they want, they will take it. They are such a down-to-earth and loyal person, either male or female. Also, these people are artistic, romantic, and pleasure-seekers. The Taurus zodiac people are mentally and physically strong. Due to the bull’s head type personality, these people are dominating and want to be in charge always. These people are great observers and silent listeners. Whatever they read or learn gets stored in their mind, and they can use their knowledge whenever needed.

They don’t seek empathy or complaint and rarely show signs of being sore. They are lovers of nature and animals. This zodiac borns can bear stress and work under pressure, and they are emotionally intense. Sometimes, they will get jealous and possessive.

Connection of Taurus with Mythology – Taurus Birthstone History

The Egyptians, Greeks, Hindus, and even the Babylonian mythology are connected to this astrological zodiac sign. The mythological connection of the Taurus zodiac sign is explained below:

Babylonian Mythology:-

According to Babylonian mythology, the bull depicted in the symbol of Taurus is known as ‘the heavenly bull.’ The story of Gilgamesh, the Sumerian city-state of Uruk’s king, is related to this zodiac sign. According to The Epic of Gilgamesh, the king had to encounter the Heavenly Bull, which the goddess Ishtar sent to kill him. Her anger arose from Gilgamesh’s rejection to return her advancements. The array of Orion, located next to the Taurus, is supposed to symbolize Gilgamesh.

Egyptian Mythology:-

According to Egyptian mythology, the group of Taurus depicted Osiris, a Sun god, and, in some versions, his sister Isis. A bull and cow represented both, respectively. As a bull, Osiris became known as the Bull-God Apis, seen as a part of the Sun god. However, worship of the Bull-God, Apis, was worshiped in ancient Egypt much before Osiris. The priests of Apis would locate a bull bearing the scars, proving it represented the deity’s soul. The priests worshiped and cared for this bull until it died, and another bull was found bearing the marks of Apis.

Greek Mythology:-

In Greek mythology, Zeus formed into a bull to seduce Europa, the daughter of King Phoenicia. He stood amid the king’s pack as the most attractive bull and fascinated Europa. She climbed onto his back, and he ran away with her to Crete. Upon arrival, Zeus showed his true identity and gave Europa many gifts to make her happy. They eventually had three sons, including Minos, who became the King of Crete and established a palace in Knossos where bull games were held annually. Zeus then honored the bull by placing it among the stars, making it a constellation now known as Taurus.

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Taurus Birthstones and Gemstones – Taurus Birthstone Benefits, Uses

The several Taurus Birthstones are Emerald, Aquamarine, Peridot, Agate, Malachite, Carnelian, Amethyst, and Lapis Lazuli. Let us discuss these Taurus Birthstones.


Due to its natural and lovely green hue and distinctive glowing quality, Emeralds are a popular choice for all types of jewelry, such as Emerald Jewelry, Emerald Ring, Emerald pendants, etc. Sometimes, it is difficult to find excellent emeralds, but at Rananjay exports, you can find them easily. The pieces of jewelry found here are made with Sterling Silver. It comes in gorgeous greens, from light to a deep and dark tint.


Aquamarine stone is associated with seawater. Aquamarine offers a blue option to standard diamonds. It comes in medium blue, greenish blue color shade. Many beautiful jewelry made from Aquamarine, such as Aquamarine Rings, Aquamarine Pendants, Aquamarine Earrings, etc., can be a pleasing alternative as it delivers a splashing beauty. Its magical powers stimulate your Throat Chakra.


Peridot is another Taurus birthstone that enhances the lives of this zodiac borns. Peridot Jewelry, Peridot Rings made with 925 Sterling Silver, will attract abundance in your life. You can find this Tauras gemstone jewelry at Rananjay Exports. It will aid Solar Plexus Chakra with other uncountable properties, such as digestive issues and anxiety, and make you more focused and grounded. Peridot is the best creation of nature.


Amethyst is a stunning Taurus Birthstone that comes in various shades varying from pale violet or light lavender to deep purple. Apart from its aesthetics, it also provides physical, mental, metaphysical, and psychological advantages. Additionally, it is affordable for those who want to add glamour to their look. Amethyst Rings and other Amethyst Jewelry are fashionable due to their shade and spiritual essence.


Malachite is a green gemstone that balances both sides of the heart and is one of the most prominent Taurus birthstones. It helps in reducing stress, and it also benefits in removing the urge to be flawless every time. It comes in dark green, blackish green, or bright green shades. Malachite Jewelry, such as the Malachite Ring, Malachite bracelets, Malachite Earrings, etc., will make your look more attractive.


This emphatic Taurus Birthstone is a deep orange-red and attracts those holding it to take charge. It benefits in overcoming fears, and Taureans who sometimes desire to be quiet will appreciate this stone as it inspires fearlessness and bravery to move forward. Carnelian Jewelry, for instance, Carnelian Rings and other pieces, will go on your every attire, making you look more fashionista.


It’s the ideal healing crystal for the Taurus zodiac sign, which gives relaxing vibes and the capacity to get protected from negativity and regain serenity in the mind. It fits Taurus well, as it does not count any importance to the need to be an idealist. It increases your self-esteem and courage. It relieves any anxiety, sorrow, and failure you face and helps you be financially strong. You can wear Agate Jewelry, Agate Rings, and other items of jewelry made with Sterling Silver.

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