A Basic Guide To Determining Pink Diamonds Price

Pink Diamonds

A discussion about colored diamonds would not have the color pink excluded. After all, it is one of the most popular colors of this beloved gemstone and as you go along this article, you will understand why that is the case.

Whether you are a jewelry enthusiast or just someone who is drawn into this charming colored diamond, your curiosity about how this alluring gem came to be must be satisfied and you are in the right place because in this article, you will get to know more about pink diamonds– their raw and natural form, as well as give you an insight on how they are priced when embedded on bespoke pieces of jewelry from luxury brands such as Astteria.

Where Are Pink Diamonds From?

Pink diamonds are popularly known to have come from the Argyle Mine in Western Australia. It has long been the main manufacturing and mining point of this captivating colored diamond. During the peak of operation of the mine, only a handful of pink diamonds are produced yearly and this directly affects the supply and demand chain for the popular colored diamond.

The Argyle Mine had closed down in 2020, affecting even more the supply for natural pink diamonds. But aside from this Australian mine, pink diamonds have also been discovered in other countries where they are continued to be produced up to this day.

Aside from natural pink diamond, there are also their artificial counterparts and in the process of determining a diamond’s price, their origin plays a huge factor.

Are Natural Pink Diamonds Rare?

Having established the closure of the famous pink diamond mine in Australia, this colored stone undoubtedly belongs to the rare category. However, they have always been considered rare even when the mine was in full operation. So even way back, they have been one of the rarest colored diamonds and thus, it is expected that the price range of every piece will be on the higher end.

Are Artificial Pink Diamonds Expensive?

Artificial diamonds are those that are produced in laboratories. They are made with the use of diamond seeds and the entire process can be completed in as little as two weeks! This is a far difference from how natural diamonds are made- which takes hundreds of years to form in the Earth’s mantle.

But the quick production and the use of synthetic materials does not take away from the finished product because artificial diamonds, when placed side by side with authentic ones, can barely be distinguished by the naked eye. It would take a professional to determine which is which.

With that said, artificial pink diamonds still cost a significant amount, but definitely not as high as the natural kind.

How Are Pink Diamonds Priced?

Pink diamond prices are influenced by a few factors, just like prices for other fancy colored diamonds. The four Cs—cut, carat, clarity, and color—are the most prevalent elements.

Color and carat weight contribute highly to the value of pink diamonds. Essentially, the richer and deeper the color of the diamond is, the higher the cost will be. Whereas, the lighter or fainter the color tint on the stone is, the less expensive it will end up.

Of course, carat weight is also a determining factor as diamonds are priced per carat. The other two variables also play important roles in discerning the exact price of the stone.

Another factor that should be considered is the entirety of jewelry it will be placed on. Is it gold or silver plated? Does it have accompanying stones? What type of jewelry is it?

These are just some important questions that will truly determine the price of pink diamond.

To give you an insight into a sample price range, natural pink diamonds are around $600,000 while artificial pink diamonds are around $330,000.

In jewelry pieces, a pink diamond ring can cost around $8,000 for a .45-carat pear shape very light pink diamond while a staggering $51,000 for a 1.05 cushion shape fancy brownish pink diamond ring. These are prices from a renowned jewelry brand called Astteria where you can browse through a vast selection of pink diamond jewelry pieces.

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