Pisces Birthstone: Meaning, History, Benefits & Uses

Pisces Birthstone

Pisces Birthstone – Overview

Pisces Birthstones are not solely stunning stones to model for showoffs, but it has a prolonged and profound narrative; also, it is witnessed that a birthstone has healing belongings. You can prefer a birthstone according to your zodiac sign, birth month, and the day of the week. Nevertheless, selecting a gemstone is completely upon an individual’s intention, but it is stated that it conveys good fate and supports bodily and mental well-being. Let us go through the history of birthstones.

Jewels have an outstanding consequence on our lives. According to astrology, a birth chart determines an individual’s Zodiac sign and life path. Our destiny and fortune rely upon our Zodiac Signs. There are 12 zodiac signs; each character denotes a star or planet. Also, gemstones link with each Zodiac Sign, specified as Astral Stones or Bhagya Ratna. Every gemstone has supernatural effects that benefit a person’s body, mentality, and spirit. In this blog, we will study the Pisces zodiac sign and its meaning, history, benefits, and uses of it.

About Pisces and its Birthstones

The word “Pisces” is derived from Latin, meaning “fishes.”Pisces is the twelfth zodiac sign of astrology. Pisces are born between 19 February and 20 March. The ruling planet of Pisces is Neptune, and the element is Water. It represents two fish with their tails hooked jointly. These fishes float on opposing sides, depicting the continuous separation between illusion and actuality. The Lucky colors of Pisces are aqua and sea green. The lucky number for them are 3 and 7. The naming letters for this zodiac are Ch, D, H, N & Y.

The sign of Pisces, often represented as two fish linked together, is supposed to be related to the Greek mythology of Aphrodite and Eros. According to the tale, when the demon Typhon stalked them, they jumped into a river and became fish. Alternatively, the two fish that brought them to safety are also considered the inspiration behind the Pisces symbol.

In Hindu Mythology, people born beneath the Pisces zodiac sign regarding the Lord Sun implanting them with a conformed belief. Therefore, they honor Surya Narayan Dev, the Lord Sun. Pisces is named ‘Meena.’ The Mina month in Vedic texts is referred to as Tapasya. The Pisces sign is associated with the merciful goddesses Maa Durga and Devi Sita, assumed to eradicate all sorts of evilness from life.

The main Pisces birthstones are Aquamarine, Ruby, Amethyst, Jasper, Jade, Lapis Lazuli, and Bloodstone, which we elaborate on further.

The Personality Traits of Pisces Borns

Everyone loves to be with Pisces as they act as their therapist and listener and advise without any judgments. They are very emotional and empathetic, and you can see them crying often. They hold emotional pains throughout their life. They are pleasure seekers, wild, and romantic. They do not believe in casual dating, and they are old-school lovers. They value being in love and don’t want anything to ruin this beautiful sensation. They are imaginative and creative. Pisces can summon delusions about their genuine beliefs, faithfulness, and individuality. They are most compatible with Capricorns, Scorpio, Cancer, and Taurus and least compatible with Sagittarius and Gemini. Pieces can sometimes find themselves in despair and hopelessness. They maintain a boundary whenever they feel that they are being taken benefit.

Pisces Birthstones with Their Benefits

There are many Pisces birthstones, and some are defined as follows:-

Aquamarine Birthstone

The aquamarine stone symbolizes seawater. It comes in medium blue to greenish blue color shade. Its metaphysical strengths boost your Throat Chakra. Aquamarine is majorly sourced from Brazil, and other sources are Burma (Myanmar), Ukraine, Madagascar, Mozambique, China, Kenya, Afghanistan, and the United States. Aquamarine Jewelry, such as Aquamarine Rings, Aquamarine Pendants, etc., enhances your inner and outer beauty. It has many relaxing, spiritual, and therapeutic properties. It helps in terminating all the toxins from your body.

Amethyst Birthstone

Amethyst is a captivating Pisces birthstone that comes in shades differing from creamy violet or pastel lavender to dark purple. Separated from its aesthetics, it provides a better immune, digestive, and endocrine system. Additionally, it is helpful in eliminating negative thoughts and anxiety. Amethyst Rings, Amethyst Bracelets, and other Amethyst Jewelry are in trend due to their beautiful hue and texture. The primary sources of Amethyst are Brazil and North and South America. It stimulates the Crown and Third Eye Chakra.

Bloodstone Birthstone

The other Pisces birthstone is Bloodstone. The opaque Bloodstone gets its title from the inherently appearing red spots resembling blood stains. It is mainly sourced from India, China, Australia, and Brazil. It eliminates all the negative energy in and around you. It captivates the potency of the sun, thus also known as Sunstone. It influences the Root and Heart Chakra. Bloodstone Jewelry, like Bloodstone Pendants, Bloodstone Rings, etc., are available at Rananjay Exports. It is used as a talisman of good health and fortune.

Jasper Birthstone

Jasper is another major Pisces birthstone. It is a type of Chalcedony. The most standard kinds of Jasper include green, agate, biggs, ocean, and zebra jasper. Jasper is primarily sourced from India, Indonesia, the USA, Russia, Madagascar, Australia, and Brazil. It encourages fearlessness, knowledge, harmony, inner potency, willingness, serenity, and a shield from unethical energies. It also benefits you in halting smoking and drinking and attaches you to nature. The Root Chakra is associated with Jasper.

Lapis Lazuli Birthstone

This Royal gem has been used in jewelry-making for a long time. It is best suited for the Pisces zodiac sign. It is related to both the Third Eye and Throat Chakra. It is believed to attract luck and abundance. Lapis Lazuli helps its wearer to express themselves fearlessly. It helps aid health problems like throat problems, migraines, and headaches. Lapis Lazuli Jewelry that will surely capture your heart, such as Lapis Lazuli Pendants, Lapis Lazuli Necklaces, etc., available only at one place- Rananjay Exports.

Jade Birthstone

Jade gemstone arrives in a relishing green shade. It is another suited Pisces birthstone. This gemstone is commonly located in Canada, Taiwan, Russia, Australia, China, New Zealand, and the U.S. It entices and enhances the Heart Chakra. It stimulates recovery, enjoyment, vigorous strength, and optimistic powers near you. The Jade gemstone can also defend you in retrieving from bodily wounds and disorders. The Jade Jewelry exhibition, including Jade Rings, Jade Pendants, etc., is open at Rananjay Exports.

Ruby Birthstone

Another most powerful Pisces gemstone is Ruby. It is associated with the Root Chakra. It improves mental health, marital and other relationships, physical health, luck, and goodwill. It also removes the impact of evil eyes. This stone is considered the stone of protection and good health. The two preliminary sources of Ruby gemstone are Myanmar(Burma) and Mozambique. Rananjay Exports offers a wide range of Ruby Jewelry. It makes you fearless and challenge yourself. The Ruby balances the heart and boosts self-confidence.

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