How to Make Photo Jewelry

Photo Jewelry

How to Make Photo Jewelry

Numerous individuals gather intriguing little stones, shells, ocean glass, and comparable things as keepsakes from trips. Rather than allowing them to gather dust in a bowl or disregarding them in a cabinet, you can make a pleasant piece of adornments out of these things. This venture gives bit by bit guidelines to utilize wire to wrap a straightforward pendant—for this situation, a cleaned stone—that you can add to an accessory, engage wristband, or another adornments type. A decent stone for the wire-wrapping procedure is more extensive around the center than it is at the finishes.

You can wrap little or enormous stones, and it’s alright on the off chance that they’re marginally unpredictable fit. That simply makes the adornments really intriguing. This wire-wrapped pendant accessory is a genuinely speedy and simple venture. Also, it’s anything but an extraordinary customized blessing, particularly on the off chance that you utilize a pendant that is significant to the beneficiary.

Photo Jewelry

At the point when you consolidate photos or different pictures into your work, you increment your shots at making a mark look all your own. It tends to be just about as basic as sticking a small scale variant of one of your photographs to the rear of an unmistakable glass cabochon and setting it’s anything but a piece of gems. Or on the other hand slipping a minuscule picture into a shape loaded with tar to make your own special “diamonds” for photograph adornments like studs and wristbands.

Photo Jewelry

ABOVE: Nancy Reid Carr makes aluminum sleeves out of her photos. She additionally sets pictures behind glass cabochons to make studs, pendants and arm bands.

A picture can be anything–a vintage tintype, an outline, beautiful postage stamp, diagram of a creature, print of a butterfly, piece of extravagant designed paper, drawing, or depiction. To begin, it helps on the off chance that you have a PC and a functioning information on photograph programming. Furthermore, keep your pictures straightforward. From that point you can check the web for photograph gems instructional exercises, purchase discoveries, necklace shop Intertwine for bit by bit tasks, or get an involved class.

Photo Jewelry: Profile of an Artist

After craftsmanship school, picture taker Nancy Reid Carr went through quite a long while sorting out some way to print her gently shaded photos onto aluminum. To extend her line and accomplishment at workmanship shows, she ultimately made her own photograph adornments like sleeves, rings, and pendants.

“A photo adds a ton of shading, on the grounds that a great deal of adornments is simply metal,” the Rhode Islander says. “You can get an unending shading range with photos.”

A self-trained gem specialist, Carr went through a ton of experimentation to foster her items. “It appears to be basic, however it’s hazardous. You need to protect the picture so it doesn’t age.”

Waterproofing likewise was critical, particularly hoops, to shield them from a periodic dunking. However, she’s glad to a few clues on the best way to make photograph adornments. Carr utilizes a two-section epoxy for waterproofing. She alters her photographs in Photoshop and prints them as little circles on metallic paper. “This gives the adornments a delicate sparkle,” she says.

Carr’s aluminum sleeves were more hard to create, and she has put $5,000 in specific hardware to make them. Thus, for the present, she is staying discreet.

“The actual cycle is mechanical. The work of art is in the symbolism and the plan. Anybody could do it on the off chance that they required some investment and made the venture,” she says.

I went over Carr’s work at the Ann Arbor Workmanship Reasonable, and maybe no two pieces are indistinguishable.

“There isn’t a great deal of adornments with photos on it, and that may be one reason gems with symbolism sells well,” she says. She additionally keeps her photograph gems costs low: hoops start at $22 and sleeves can run up to $38. To see her work, go to

Learn to Make Photo Jewelry

Keen on becoming familiar with utilizing glass cabochons or pitch strategies to make photograph gems? Here are a few sources:

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Cynthia Thornton’s book Charmed Enhancements places enchanted symbolism to use in pitch gems.

Photograph Adornments Making FAQs

In a 2015 venture, I utilized tough glass watch gems to ensure a photograph in a round, cabochon setting.

See section two of Betsy’s arrangement on photograph adornments.


The intelligent property of most adornments implies that it will assimilate any remaining tones, so you should shoot on a white background to try not to change the shade of the piece. White additionally mirrors light while dim tones retain it, so your item will be better lit on the off chance that you shoot on a white setting.

In spite of the fact that taking great item pictures of adornments is a lot harder than taking a decent item picture of something like a plain blue seat, gems has the size advantage. You don’t have to extend a white sheet from one divider to another to make a white scenery — simply utilize a piece of paper and overlay it fifty-fifty so it holds up. It’s that straightforward!

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