Historic Reasons Why Women are Huge Fans of Pearls

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For ages, pearls have been one of the most favorite gems of royal women. Now, as time has changed, these rare gems’ popularity and value still remain the same. Pearls are still one of the most elegant and charming gemstones adored by every woman.

Pearls are the most unique among all the jewels around the world. It’s because they are formed in the sea rather than the depths of the Earth. Their beauty has been reversed since ancient times. They are one of the purest gems as they don’t require any cutting or polishing.

In history, pearls were symbolized as the jewels of royals. At that time, only royals and kings could afford this rare gem. However, now, many modern companies have made these gems available for every person. You can buy pearl jewelry online in the USA at very affordable prices.

Why is Pearl Jewelry So Popular in The USA? 

Only Gemstone Produced by a Living Creature

Pearls are considered the most unique gems around the world. Despite being categorized as a gemstone, pearls stand out from the rest jewels. This is because they are the only gems that are produced by living creatures.

All other gems develop in Earth’s crust when magma cools under immense pressure. Whereas pearls develop inside an oyster, making is the most different one. Having pearl jewelry indeed gives a royal feel.

One of The World’s Rarest Jewels 

As per the statistics, less than 1 in every 10,000 wild oysters contain pearls. When these gems gained tremendous popularity in the 20th century, overfishing and oyster hunting decreased the chance of getting an oyster with pearls even more.

Given this reason, it’s easy to understand why natural pearls are considered one of the world’s most valuable gems. Due to their rareness, nothing can match the royalty of real pearl jewelry.

A Roman Ruler Only Allowed Royals to Wear Pearls 

Pearls were once thought to be a symbol of riches and prestige in ancient Rome. At that time, having pearls indicated that you belonged to a particular social class.

That’s why, in 1BC, Julius Caesar, the legendary Roman emperor, made a law that only royals would wear pearls. Thus, having pearl jewelry is still considered a symbol of royalty and class.

Four Classified Types of Rare Pearls 

There are four different varieties of pearls, and each comes with its own size, shape, color, and value. Freshwater pearls are mostly found in China’s rivers and lakes. They are the most widely available pearls, so they are sold at a reasonable price.

Japanese Akoya pearls are saltwater pearls and are the most well-known in the world. They have spherical shapes with a lovely shine and are found in Japanese and Chinese waters.

Tahitian pearls are another type of saltwater pearl farmed on French Polynesia’s islands. Although they are commonly referred to as black pearls, they are available in various colors, including grey, blue, green, and purple.

The last one is the largest of all pearls, South Sea pearls that come in white, cream, and golden tones. They are one of the most popular pearls found in Australia’s and the Philippines’ waters.

So, every time you buy pearl jewelry, these rare gems are found, prepared, and transported just to enhance your beauty and add glam to your look.

Their Different Classic Shapes 

Most people think that all pearls come in a precisely round and symmetrical shape. However, this is a misconception. Pearls are available in a variety of different shapes. Their various shapes make them versatile to make different kinds of jewelry that will always add charm to your beauty.

Perfect round, off-round, drop, and baroque are the most common shapes of pearl gemstones. The price of pearl jewelry you buy can depend on the shape you choose.

Pearls Take at Least Six Months to Prepare 

Another interesting fact about pearls is that each variety of pearl development requires a particular amount of time. However, in general, a pearl takes at least six months to develop in all situations. In some rare cases, the development process can take up to 24 months.

Use Pearls to Make a Perfect Gift 

Their elegance and simplicity make pearls a perfect gift item to show your love and affection. Pearls have been used as gifts for ages and are considered a symbol of love. Almost every woman adores these smooth gems, and that’s why royal females have always been their fans.

Previously affording a pearl wasn’t easy for everyone. However, now many types of cultured pearls are available on different sites. Cultured pearls aren’t fake; instead, they’re produced by real mollusks under human supervision.

If you want to buy pearl jewelry to gift your loving mother, wife, daughter, or girlfriend, various types of pearls are available at different price ranges. Pearls, especially on wedding days, are becoming a popular gift item to represent one’s feelings of love.

How to Choose The Perfect Pearl Jewelry for You? 

Look for The Luster 

The essential feature of pearls is their luster. The brighter and clearer a pearl’s reflection is, the more beautiful and valuable it is. Although the luster standards for different types of pearls differ, never buy a dull or chalky pearl.

Choose a Perfect Shape 

Mollusks produce pearls in a variety of shapes. The majority of the pearls are baroque pearls, which have irregular shapes. On the other hand, perfectly round pearls are the most valuable since round shapes are the rarest. When you buy pearl jewelrythere should be no dimples on the pearl, and they should be in flawless spheres.

Go for a Smooth Surface 

The smoothness and purity of a pearl’s surface are directly related to its surface. Dimples, scratches, and other imperfections should be absent from a perfect pearl. Unevenness, such as a groove, will alter the value of a pearl. Get yourself pearl jewelry that glows beautifully and is free of faults.

Sizes That Fit Your Budget 

The cost of pearls increases in direct proportion to the size of the pearl. However, the best thing about pearls is that they come in a variety of sizes. You can choose a size that fits your budget. In addition, the pearl’s price is also affected by the material in which it is embedded.

Pick up Your Favorite Color 

There is a vast variety of pearl colors such as black, gold, pink, lavender, peach, silver, and many more. The mollusk that produces the pearl and the environment in which it lives determine a pearl’s color. Choosing a pearl color will be your personal choice. So, you can pick up your favorite color as a piece of elegant jewelry.

No matter which pearl jewelry you purchase, never neglect the reliability of the company that offers pearl jewelry. You can even contact a trustworthy online seller to buy pearl jewelry online in USA

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