Evergreen – Blue Tale of Turquoise


The mystic hues of Turquoise bring complete rejuvenation to your mood and wardrobe in just a second of its usage. The nuance of being unique with patterns and inclusion is the distinctiveness of turquoise jewelry. In addition to its features, the blue-green color of turquoise sums up the quest of December-born babies. And that’s why geologists and jewelry creators take a deep interest in this remarkable gemstone.

Scientific Depth on Turquoise Formation

If you are inquisitive about the formation of Turquoise gemstone jewelry, they are majorly found in barren areas. And also in the cavities and fractures of volcanic eruptions, which includes the iron oxides, limonite, and other climatic conditions. In the united states, this gem forms in the combination of copper sulfide and potassium intrusives.

It majorly takes place in shallow or deeply fractured areas where water depth is comparatively higher. This cryptocrystalline crystal needs a clear interval form. Even if you observe these crystals with the microscope, then you’ll find them uncommon. The shape often seems in the way of completing fracture or veins, botryoidal or nodular.

Note-Keeping Properties of Turquoise Jewelry

The hardness of turquoise ranges six on the Mohs scale, which is quite soft in the form of a turquoise ring. The finest turquoise gem will never display single crystals, and thus, all its features are exceptionally variable. Turquoise has a triclinic crystal system with higher porosity and pressure between ( 2.60- 2.90).

Moreover, the waxy luster of Turquoise makes excellent jewelry. However, it’s an opaque gem but also is semi-translucent in delicate parts. And is available in enticing colors of sky blue, green, and yellowish-green, with the matrix in black, grey, and brown. Bluish white streaks are the most common ones in turquoise jewelry. And Rananjay exports assure the best quality wholesale turquoise jewelry for your collection in a fully customized way, keeping in mind the cut, clarity, and color.

Unknown Facts of Turquoise

  • Turquoise is appreciated for being the oldest gem in making jewelry from the last thousand years.
  • Turquoise is regarded as a denotation of prosperity and luck. In fact, Tibet values it as their national gemstone.
  • The bluish tint of Turquoise is enough to spark the insanity when compared to green and yellow.
  • This gem is available in places like Australia, china, brazil, Iran, Afghanistan, Mexico, Israel, Tanzania, and the USA.
  • Even it had prominence in ancient times, with the belief of emperors who wore this spectacular gem to safeguard themselves from death. Majorly around the wrist and neck.

Higest Selling Types of Turquoise

Spider web turquoise –

This variety of Turquoise resembles a lot like spider web, as the name suggests. It has an intriguing black matrix on the top of a mysterious blue backdrop, which primarily gives the reminiscence of the web. You could find this category in the Kingman mine. Moreover, the matrix in this type of Turquoise comes in various color combinations of gold, honey gold, brown and black. The matrix arrangement lies in the uniformity of equally spaced cells, basically patterned, which showcases a net-like formation.

Bird’s eye turquoise:

Well, this category is often compared with spider web turquoise in terms of structure and comes under the best-selling range. Basically, the bird’s eye turquoise has a much lighter appearance but has a dark matrix. Water web turquoise is another name given to this variety and is limited to only a few mines in Turquoise mountains, Morenci and Kingman.

Robin’s eye turquoise:

If you like colorful variety, then robin’s eye turquoise is one of those demanded selections of retailers at first glance.

It is available in dry regions and has a bright sky blue color, clearly a feast to the eyes. Professional working women are in awe of its surreal power as it imparts complete strength through its cosmic formation.

Beautiful Jewelry Mix of Sky and Sea

The specialty of Turquoise is massive when it comes to buying and pairing it with unusual silhouettes. This creation is not the pure blessing for December babies, but everyone who has an eye for fashion. Precisely the oceanic blue color is bright enough to complement the pale color outfits with the minimal makeover. The mixture of sky and sea allows the perfection in ornamental settings of Turquoise. The conchoidal fracture and cleavage create the lovely accessories for special events.

Its omnipotent nature brings reimagination of wardrobe in the bright play color of blue with casual wear, like maxi and long jackets. On the other hand, even the basic tee and jeans can increase the chance of subtleness in greenish-yellow shades of Turquoise. So overall, this gem won’t disappoint you with its universal trending approach of being the best with almost every type of clothing. Furthermore, the protection comes as the crucial point of your Turquoise necklace, which the simple metal setting can assure. And in this regard, 925 sterling silver can intensify the beauty of silver in Turquoise jewelry.

Caring is The Key to Love Turquoise

  • It’s good to clean turquoise jewelry with the purity of water and a soft brush. As following this tip will stimulate longevity.
  • Cleaning the gemstone with water is a wise step, but soaking the same in water for long is certainly not. So make sure to dry it throughout with a soft towel.
  • While considering the cleaning of the jewelry, then at the same time ensure the proper hygiene of your metal. This is crucial to maintain the flow of vibrations from your stone.
  • Avoid any contact with acids and harmful detergents, as they will surely deteriorate the quality and luster of Turquoise. Also, keep in mind to clean it at least once a month.
  • Having a separate place for your favorite turquoise pendant will increase its safety. Factually, Turquoise is a soft creation that other stones can easily scratch; that’s why it’s essential to keep a check on its storage.

Where to Buy Authentic Turquoise Jewelry?

Rananjay Exports believe in providing the finest quality turquoise accessories to its retailers worldwide. They offer a wide range of selections in their unique designs, which cater to different clients. Each piece showcases artisans’ passion, thus the best online place to serve your customer with stunning wholesale gemstone jewelry.

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