Jewelry Making – Blending Gemstone with Prehnite Jewellery Design

Prehnite Jewellery

When it comes to jewelry, there are multiple options available in the market, catching the eyes of lovers worldwide. But what if I tell you there is one of the striking gems hiding away making the best Prehnite Jewellery out there for you.

In this article, we will talk about Prehnite and how this spectacular gem binds itself, giving out the best jewelry pieces to the market.

Perenhite: Meaning

Perenhite is the stone of unconditional love and showers its elegance out to the world. The striking green color of the gem carries exceptional healing and soothes the eyes as well as the mind.

These stones are considered to take the wearer on the inner journey to the subconscious mind, making them aware of the happening of the galaxies within. They link the person to their higher self, enlightening the way to the astral world.

These highly esteemed stones come in translucent to transparent gem quality and are the calcium aluminum silicate mineral. This stone is famous among psychics, clairvoyants, and shamans, bringing magical healing out to the world.

Among the list of thousands of gemstones, these stones got their name from their founder Colonel Hendrik von Prehn, a Dutch mineralogist and first found in the region of South Africa, which is now the prime source of the gem.

Until the most recent discovery, Perenhite was hidden away, but the new deposits have now made it readily available to the world. In China, these stones are referred to as the grape jade and come in formations that resemble grapes. These soft green apple color gems are also available in the colors like orange, yellow and blue making the alluring pieces of Prehnite jewelry.


The gem with the stunning appearance Perenhite. is formed in the veins and cavities of the volcanic rock. These elementary stones are sourced from several locations globally, making beautiful jewelry pieces such as Prehnite bracelets, rings, and others.

Some of the most important deposits are in Africa, Australia, China, Canada, Germany, Scotland, France, and the united states,

Fact: The rare quality of orange Perenhite is found in Africa, while the individual varieties are found in Quebec, Canada.

Determining Factors of The Prehnite


Perenhite is often found in colors such as green, including bright green to dark green to the wonder hues such as blue, orange, and yellow that look absolutely best in making the perfect pieces of Prehnite necklaces.

They are not limited to specific colors but are also found in the colors like gray, white, and colorless depending on the different locations they are being found, making them the most sought-after gemstones by jewelry collectors.


Prehnite has a translucent appearance which rarely is transparent. The translucent variety gems are found in very big chunky pieces and offer a comprehensive collection, while The Transparent variety is often faceted and is found in smaller sizes. This gem provides a luster appearance and looks mesmerizing in jewelry like Prehnite earrings.

Cut and Shape

Prehnite is generally cut and polished in cabochon, giving a radiating look to the jewelry, whereas the highly transparent variety is put in the faceted form. These versatile gemstones are pretty flexible and can be converted into the beaded form or tumbled, making the beautiful pieces of Prehnite bracelets.

The most popular shapes include oval, cushion, and round shapes. However, you can also spot some Fancy shapes, like hearts, trillions, and pears.

Prehnite Treatment

Prehnite is not known to be treated or enhanced in any way.

The Healing of Prehnite

With all the striking features, Prehnite is great at healing too. They heal the mind-body, and soul and connects one to their higher self.

Physical Healer

Prehnite is a great physical healer stone. It can find the root causes of the illness lying inside, giving relief to the body. The Healers use these stones widely to cure lung, kidneys, chest, thymus gland, and bladder diseases.

It even helps to cure atherosclerosis and diminishes the fatty deposits in the body, making the person feel light.

These stones are also believed to increase the blood count in the body, relieving the wearer from anemia.

Emotional Healer

They act as a powerful tool to heal emotional wounds; wearing Prehnite pendants helps people connect with their will in their hearts. In addition, the soothing energies of these gems provide calm to the mind making the person focus on their goals.

It also enhances the protective shield around the person, saving them from the bad vibrations and the negative energies.

This stone has the ability to lift the mood. It clears the negative thoughts from a person’s mind facing an emotional turmoil, giving them the serene.

Prehnite promotes acceptance, forgiveness, emotional release, and empathy, making the person more open to the changes.

Spiritual Healer

Prehnite is excellent for building trust. It helps people realize the workings of the universe and makes them more open to receiving the blessings from above.

They are used for meditational purposes, and lets the wearer discover the unknown making them realize about them-self.


It also enhances inner knowledge, further providing spiritual growth and inner growth to the wearer to be in tune with the divine energies.

Heals and Balances Chakra

Prehnite is also called the stone of vision; it stimulates the third eye chakra making one realize the bigger meaning in life. It opens up new dimensions of the mind, welcoming new ideas and having a better approach to life.

It is associated with the heart chakra, acting as a bridge between all the chakra in the body. Wearing Prehnite rings helps create the link between these chakras and further develops the better bond shaping the person’s personality.

Engaging with this stone can help you keep your intentions alive; doing this will strengthen the inner bond and will create a link to your purpose in life.

Wearing this gem will help you to gain control over your destiny, making your aspirations come to reality.

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