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Little Girlology

Little Girlology is a blog for beauty and lifestyle. You will find articles about makeup, hair styles, new trends in fashion, best beauty tips and tricks to keep your skin healthy. A little girl’s world can be very colorful with all the things they have to experience through their young eyes. We hope Little Girlology inspires you on your journey as well!

This beauty and lifestyle blog is called Little Girlology because the voice of this blog is that of a little girl. We want to inspire you and help you get through life as well!

Little Girlology

Little Girlology and Social media:

Likes: 12,833 people have liked our page so far on Facebook. There has been an average of 133 likes per post over the last month. The most popular content topics are about makeup, hair styles and fashion trends  in particular new items they would like to wear.

For example, we recently posted “What Color Tops Can I Wear” with three different tops;

  • one pink top for summertime fun,
  • one black shirt if she’s going out at night (and it doesn’t matter what she wears under her clothes) and
  • one white top if there’s a fancy event she needs to go to.

On Instagram, the most popular post for our followers is “Who Wore It Better?” featuring two different celebrity look-alikes wearing their most recent outfits.

The best way we promote Little Girlology on social media is by interacting with people and asking them questions about what they are interested in. Commenting on posts that have been shared or liked often brings traffic back to our site too!

We’ve noticed that many of you who come here from Pinterest also share your favorite articles with family members via email which helps us get more visitors every day!

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One thing we would like you to know is while this blog does talk about beauty and lifestyle, it’s not all about clothes.

Photography article of Little Girlology:

We want to be your number one source for all things beauty and lifestyle, so we are constantly looking for new topics. We have had a lot of success with our photography article “Five Tips from Professional Photographers” because it offers readers the opportunity to learn more about how they can take better pictures themselves through some simple tips that professionals use every day.

Photography article

New Trends:

We also want to be a place where readers can learn about new trends that are coming out, so we created an article called “Trends We’re Excited About” and it features five of the most popular trends in fashion. Remember if you have any tips or ideas for Little Girlology please feel free to contact us!

The blog has been live since October 2012, with posts updated daily. All content is original work that we have created from our own experiences as young women who are growing up in today’s world while exploring their individual beauty and lifestyles along the way. We love hearing feedback from all of you on what topics to cover or products to try so please do not hesitate to contact us through email!

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