Buying a Turquoise Gemstone Ring

Turquoise Gemstone Ring

Turquoise has been prized by cultures for thousands of years and has been known to have magical properties. The ancient Egyptians favored turquoise jewelry, which is carbon-dated to more than 5,500 B.C. Currently, turquoise is popular among modern jewelry designers and aficionados of Native American and Southwestern jewelry. The value of a gold turquoise ring is largely based on the stone’s color evenness and saturation, as well as the stone’s ability to take a good polish without stabilization or enhancements.

To make turquoise jewelry, the most popular quality stones are fine robin’s egg blue with no visible matrix. These stones are Persian grade because they contain little to no iron or vanadium. While these stones are mostly mined in Iran, the U.S. has produced similar grades from the Sleeping Beauty Mine near Globe, Arizona. Most rough turquoise contains veins or patches of the brownish host rock. Because of this, block turquoise is commonly used in jewelry.

Native American Indians have long used turquoise to make jewelry. The Southwest region of the United States is home to several mines that produce the stones. The mines are known by their names, and turquoise from these mines is often referred to by its unique name, like the Sleeping Beauty turquoise or the Navajo turquoise. Sadly, some mines have closed down due to depletion or even the discovery of gold. Although turquoise gemstone is a relatively affordable alternative to diamonds, its low retail value means that it has a much lower resale value than other precious stones. Nonetheless, this should not be a deterrent for engagement rings or other symbolic pieces. In fact, many people do not know how to choose a suitable stone for an engagement ring. Moreover, many jewelry stores try to confuse their customers by offering them turquoise alternatives instead of the real thing.

To properly care for your turquoise jewelry, keep it away from harsh substances and extreme temperatures. Wearing turquoise jewelry while performing household chores or near hard surfaces can permanently damage the stone. Likewise, the chemicals used in swimming pools can permanently damage the stone. If you do not want to permanently ruin the stone, store it separately from other gemstones and metals. A high-quality turquoise stone will hold its value. In addition to the above, you can also find dainty turquoise ring online at Aurelius Jewelry, which can customize your jewelry and choose your favorite gemstone. These two sites offer a huge selection of turquoise ring at competitive prices. Be sure to read the fine print when purchasing online.

These stores also offer excellent customer service and after-sales policies. As an important gemstone, turquoise is historically important. It was used for both ceremonial and decorative purposes in ancient Egypt and adorned kings for millennia. It is also believed to have healing properties. Many cultures have used turquoise as a natural healing gemstone for centuries. Its formation took place in arid environments and was formed by a hydrothermal replacement process millions of years ago.

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