Different Types And Colors Of Onyx

Colors Of Onyx

What Is Onyx and How It Is Made?

Onyx is a mixture of morganite and quartz, also known as Chalcedony. The name is derived from the Greek word “nail” or “claw.” It’s seven in hardness level, and the luster is quite waxy. This beautiful gemstone is found in white and black layers, and one can see the eye-appealing Onyx Jewelry design as a hand-carved face or animal on a white backdrop. onyx does come in a range of different colors. Let’s know about Onyx and how many types colored of onyx are available in the market.

Where Is Onyx Found?

Onyx has undoubtedly been discovered all over the world for many years. Still, today it is most frequently found in the United States, the United Kingdom, Greece, Brazil, Yemen, Argentina, the Czech Republic, Pakistan, Indonesia, India, Latin America, Canada, Australia, Uruguay, Germany, China, and Yemen.

What Is Onyx Used For? 

Onyx was used to treat epilepsy in ancient Persia. It was said to protect the person who wore it and offer the wearer willpower and vigor in ancient China. People wore Onyx Jewelry to boost their elegance in Renaissance Europe because it was thought to bestow grace on the wearer. In the Victorian era, the gem was used as mourning Jewelry. After that, England started using onyx to make childbirth easier. Onyx Jewelry was placed between the mother’s breasts as the baby was born.

Since then, it has frequently been used in various jewelry for men and women, sometimes combined with diamonds and set against gold or silver. 

Different Types and Colored Onyx


Sardonyx typically features flat bands, a brown foundation, and bands of color that are various degrees of red, yellow, or brown. Onyx, known as carnelian or cornelian, has a crimson base and a white top coating. It is an accessible and generally common kind of onyx.

Arabic Onyx:

The most common layer is black and white, although onyxes can have bands of different hues. “Arabic onyx” or “true” refers to a black base and white coating gemstone. 

Niccolo Onyx:

Onyx from Niccolo has a skinny top layer. It enables the gray or blue hue of the black foundation layer to be visible clearly.

Cornelian Onyx:

This stone is highly eye appealing as it has lighter color bands with a red base. 

Blue Onyx:

The “Stone of Sobriety” includes varieties as they are dyed in different shades of blue. These gems can either have bands or not. Onyx with blue bands frequently has white stripes.

Black Onyx:

The most popular type of onyx often consists of relatively thin color layers. Most of the solid black onyxes today are dyed black chalcedonies. At the same time, they occasionally occur naturally with layers thick enough to cut a stone as a stone of a single color.

Green Onyx:

It is created through the cryptocrystalline stacking of quartz and chalcedony. All Onyx’s essential characteristics, including willpower, discipline, and strength, are also present in green onyx

Red Onyx:

Red onyx is a powerful stone that can aid you in overcoming challenging or perplexing circumstances and periods of intense mental or physical stress. A rock similar to agate made of red onyx. Quartz and onyx both have a lot of similar qualities.

Healing Properties of Onyx

Onyx makes a person feel stable and full of grounding energy, boosts immunity, checks the nervous system, and raises stamina. It’s an excellent gem for recovery, healing, and strengthening bones and teeth. It builds self-confidence and self-control, clears thoughts, and makes you make wise decisions. It also promotes strength, permanence, durability, stamina, constancy, and firmness. 

Chakra Stone

The crown chakra can be unblocked with White Onyx, and the heart chakra can be opened with Green Onyx. Black onyx is a stone for the root chakra because it gives all that tremendous grounding energy to keep you grounded to the ground. One of the most important chakras is the root because it helps the body burn off surplus energy.  The entire chakra system may become unbalanced if the base chakra is not clean. Additionally, black onyx can assist you in maintaining protection when engaging in psychic or former life activities that may leave you vulnerable and open, such as crown chakra opening.  

Zodiac Birthstone

For all the fiery Leos, black onyx is the ideal birthstone. Leos are encouraged by Black Onyx to take control of their fate. Strong personalities, ambition, drive, and enormous, dazzling, blazing hearts are all traits of Leos. Onyx helps Leos balance out their fears, which can occasionally run amok, especially when it comes to jealousy, even if they are born with attractiveness and charisma.  Leos who use onyx allow them to feel safe and secure without giving in to possessive behavior patterns, and learn to stand their ground and feel safe.

How to Use Colors Onyx Stone

The best way to use Colored Onyx is to wear it as jewelry. Onyx can transform all those healing energies into the body and elevate vibrations when it touches the skin. One can wear Onyx Pendant or Onyx Bracelet for good skin contact and quickly transform the energy. Wearing an Onyx Ring, It carries a gorgeously gentle, flowing water energy that ruminates with undertones of silence, calm reflection, cleaning, and purity. A gorgeous pair of Onyx Earrings will protect you from harmful energies and guide you to walk on the appropriate route. 

How to Clean Onyx 

Onyx needs to be cleansed and charged frequently. Alternatively, you can recharge your Onyx by leaving it in sunlight for six to twelve hours. One of the easiest ways to quickly and securely cleanse the gemstone is to smudge onyx with a sage stick. For a few seconds, pass the stone through the sage smoke. Keep your onyx clean because it appears to be carrying extra weight and is a protective stone that is continuously attempting to absorb contaminants and negative energy. You can be sure your stone will work properly by doing this.  If you are afraid of exposing your stone to the sun, you can also leave it outside in the rain or the moonlight for a period of time.

Final Thought

Onyx is the grounding stone with an end number of benefits. To buy Colored Onyx, you can visit the website of trusted Wholesale Gemstone Jewelry Manufacturer Suppliers. In addition, Ranajay Exports deals with more than 200 kinds of Gemstone Jewelry and has drop-dead gorgeous 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry and Plain Silver Jewelry. So for what you are waiting for, shop now and flaunt your beautiful Gemstone Jewelry.

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