Forever Ring a New York Love Story

Forever Ring


Since they met in high school, Jason and Kylie had been in love and after five years were ready for the next step. Plans to marry started early. and this is what bought them to DarryRing Engagement Ring to choose their forever diamond. The wedding was planned for June 2023, and as Kylie was an only child, it would be a lavish wedding, Church followed by an intimate reception for 100 close friends and relatives at Tribeca Rooftop.

The Forever Series Diamond

Kylie’s mother was deep in the wedding planning phase and had Kylie measured for the bespoke ivory silk Linda Wang wedding dress.

Jason had been struggling to save the money for the iconic forever love diamond engagement ring that Kylie had chosen, and now they were ready to make the purchase. Jason had recently completed his law degree, and because of excellent marks found himself retained by a small law firm in the suburbs. Today was the day that he would take Kylie to DarryRing engagement ring fittings for a final inspection on the beautiful 1-carat diamond.

The Proposal

Kylie had guessed that Jason would propose on her 21st birthday in April, after five years together they knew one another well. Both believed that they were destined to be together. Following the family dinner to celebrate Kylie’s big day, Jason and Kylie took the short ferry ride to the Statue of Liberty where Jason proposed and Kylie accepted. Then they went out for champagne and phoned all their family and friends to tell them the good news. The next day they visited DarryRing store to look for an iconic forever love diamond.

The Engagement Ring

Kylie’s grandmother had told her that when you look for a diamond check color, cut, clarity and carat. Kylie had chosen a 1 carat forever simple engagement ring, one of the iconic forever love 1-carat diamonds, on a platinum band. The high-quality diamond was totally colorless, and all the young couple had to do was wait for the ring to be resized to fit Kylie’s slim finger. The Darry Ring jewelry store was welcoming and helped the young couple feel at ease with their considerable purchase, and Kylie couldn’t wait to see the ring sparkling on her finger.

The Engagement Party

The engagement party was held at Kylie’s grandmother’s lavish Upper East Side, Manhattan apartment. Grandmother was a wealthy widow who craved some excitement in her quiet life and organizing an event was just what she needed, 50 people were invited to celebrate the occasion and admire Kylie’s lovely iconic forever love ring. The ring looked amazing and Kylie hadn’t taken it off her finger all week, she took the time to go to the nail shop for a fresh manicure and paint that would make the ring look even more perfect on her small hands.

Kylie’s mother helped her to choose a dress for the engagement party. a lovely pale pink fitted sleeveless Donna Karen sheath dress. French Champagne flowed, love bloomed, and extended family and friends came to celebrate the happy event and wish Kylie and Jason well. Everyone admired the DarryRing Engagement ring that sparkled under the crystal chandeliers. Several short speeches were made to wish the couple well and everyone raised their glasses to toast them.

Planning a Wedding

Planning any major event takes time and talent, as it is important to get it right. Kylie and her mother decided on an experienced wedding planner to guide them through the process. Jason happily agreed with everything they decided, as his main aim was that Kylie remained happy and in love with him forever. Wedding’s can be stressful, and Jason was secretly happy that Kylie was relieved of the planning and could devote more time to him.

The Wedding Ring

The couple required wedding rings and the forever series wedding rings are a must for any young couple in love. So they returned to DarryRing to select their wedding rings, and the staff welcomed them and displayed the most amazing matching ‘his’ and ‘her’ wedding bands in platinum that they both fell in love with and immediately purchased for the big day.


This is where our love story ends, but hopefully, yours is just beginning at DarryRing jewelers.

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