7 Easy Things to Knit by Beginners – Ultimate Beginner’s Guide


Knitting Made Simple

Knitting is a fun and creative way to unleash your inner love for art and design. It is a hobby to many as it is peaceful, and a productive way to spend leisure time. It may seem tricky at first but once you get the hang of it, it’s easy as can be. This here is a Knitting beginners guide for all you need to start out with. Knitting for beginners made easy with seven simple yet impressive knitting patterns for you to try! This includes all you need to know to kick start your knitting career.

1. Equipment is Key

First things first, for knitting for beginners you first need primary equipment. However, for your very first projects you do not require fancy yarn and top of the line needles. Go for something that is easy to handle and durable to use instead. You will need some yarn, a pair of scissors, a sewing needle and a crochet hook. For your knitting needles, opt for either a plastic or aluminum one as they work with most Knitting projects for beginners. Go for a 10-inch-long pair with a medium width; something labeled 4-7 will work.

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Now that you have all you need, let’s begin with Easy things to knit for beginners.

2. Baby Crown Knitting

The crown knitting pattern is essentially a fly stitch with two straight stitches added to further secure the top-loop leg. Surprisingly, this basic stitch appears to have no other names. Nothing is more adorable than little knitted crowns for babies.

Baby Crown Knitting

If you are planning on commissioned work, or knitting for your baby, we suggest a follow-along knitting for beginners’ tutorial to make just the perfect crown for little angels. Once you are fluent with the crown knitting pattern you can go ahead and begin customizing the stitch and design to your taste.

3. Scarf Knitting

Next up on the knitting for beginners is a good old scarf. For everyone who has been knitting for a while, scarf knitting is perhaps the easiest to begin with. We have this item on our knitting guide because it is simple, easy, requires no fancy or advanced stitch, and only takes about a week or less to make, depending on the time you spare. Make around 30 stitches from your first color, then feel free to add another one. If you are looking at knitting for beginners, try a relatively smaller scarf.


Try a 2×2 rib stitch pattern for your knitting for beginners’ journey and create a beautiful scarf that is both pretty to look at, and incredibly useful.

4. Necktie Knitting

Try out a knitted bow tie pattern for your very first item to knit. It is simple, easy, small and convenient, so when it comes to knitting for beginners, it’s a fool proof idea. For easy knitting projects for gifts, this would be a great idea to go with. Knit matching ones for all your favorite people and impress them with your love and sheer talent for the art of knitting.

The knitted bow tie pattern looks complex but it isn’t, making it something worth try out as knitting for beginners. The knit tie pattern is simple and easy to understand. If you are a beginner with a knit tie pattern, we suggest you start with smaller ones for kids.

Here’s How to Do It:

Using a darning needle, thread a length of yarn of around 30cm. Pinch the middle of the knitting with the thumb and index finger of the hand that isn’t holding the needle so that two even ridges appear. Sew the middle of the bow together with a few stitches, then wrap the remaining yarn around the bow’s center.

5. Knit Pillow Covers

While on our countdown for knitting for beginners, we came across a convenient and useful one for all the aspiring knitters out there. Making knit pillow covers is a great activity for knitting for beginners. It can be achieved through a multitude of different stitches so you can make do with whatever it is that you know.


If you are looking at knitting for beginners, try a knotted pillow cover. It is a huge trend as chunky knits have been seen all around home décor stores and in magazines. Adorn your sofas or your bed with some thick cushions you’ve made by hand and save money while expanding your artistic abilities.

6. Hat Knitting

The hat knitting pattern is a great way to begin knitting. The possibilities are endless with this chic accessory. You can experiment with different hat knitting pattern stitches and choose the one you like best. Knitting a hat is an excellent method to learn a few new skills in a manageable method if you’re a novice.

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Hats are typically modest tasks, and when combined with bulky yarn, you can knit one in a few evenings. When it comes to knitting for beginners, a hat is an excellent method to learn a few new skills in a manageable method if you’re a novice. Hats are typically modest tasks, and when combined with bulky yarn, you can knit one in a few evenings.

7. Wrist Warmers Knitting Pattern

If you tend to have achy wrists and require a stylish solution, this is the way to go. It is also a great Christmas present to all your loved ones if you are planning to surprise them with something thoughtful and personal. The key to knitting as a beginner is to start by making small items such as these.

This includes a simple stitch, you may use more than one color if you desire and use simple wrist warmer knitting patterns. Try 14 stitches of the diamond design or opt for something simpler like the Stockinette stitch for an interesting experience with knitting as beginners.

8. Blanket Knitting

A blanket is a great knitting project if you are new to knitting. You may choose to do an intricate knit pattern but the chunky knotted knits are great for a throw you’re trying to make for your bed or sofa for movie nights. This is a relatively longer project to keep you occupied for quite some time. However, the results are always well worth it.

Don’t be afraid to invest in bigger needles and a higher quality yarn for this one as you want to make something that is usable and worth displaying. You really can’t go wrong with this beginner-friendly option as there is so much you can do. Try making tassels for the ends of your blanket to add a more stylized touch to your creation.


Starting out at anything can seem intimidating at first and especially when it is as intricate and detailed as knitting. But we strongly suggest trying it out for yourself as it will enhance your creative abilities, give you a life skill that will benefit you in the present and the future.

And you can always save the big bucks spent on home décor and cardigans once you get the hang of it. See a sweater on a rack wishing it was a different color? Well now you create your own! Try out any of these seven easy projects for your spring break or just your leisure time every day and get creative.

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