Sagittarius Birthstone – Gemstones for The Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

Sagittarius Birthstone

Many acknowledge that gemstones have a powerful impact on our lives. According to astrology, our birth charts impact our lives, and each chart is associated with a distinctive Zodiac Sign. Our fate and luck are said to be specified by our Zodiac Sign. Among the twelve zodiac signs in astrology, Sagittarius is the ninth one. People born between 23 November and 21 December are Sagittarians. Sagittarius’s element is Fire, and its ruling planet is Jupiter. The naming letters for Sagittarius are A, L, M, and Y. The lucky numbers for them are 3,5,6, & 8. Sagittarius’s lucky colors are Purple, White, Orange, Cream, and Light Blue. The lucky days of the week for Sagittarius are Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. The opposite zodiac signs are Cancer and Taurus.

The symbol of Sagittarius is the archer—the archer with the arrow pointing upside towards the sky.

Nature Traits of Sagittarius Borns

Sagittarius are the born travelers. They are rebellious & adventurous and have a distinct passion for exploring new places, learning about different cultures, and meeting new people. The Sagittarius borns are brutally honest and are great mind readers. So, if you want a genuine piece of advice, you must ask it from them, only if you can bear the bitter & harsh truth and reviews. They avoid negative information until it’s undeniable, making them seem inexperienced. They are only interested in someone whom they have complete faith and trust in.

Sagittarius are entirely independent and do not rely on anyone. They are non-negotiators when it comes to their dreams, plans, and something they have not agreed upon. They will do whatever they want to. They may look like free thinkers, party lovers, liberals, and globetrotters, but actually, they are very philosophical, cold, and deep thinkers. They prioritize their mental well-being. They are less severe, clingy, and less excited about anything. They are lovers of freedom and animals.

Mythological Beliefs About Sagittarius Constellation

According to Greek Mythology, Sagittarius, known as The Archer, is a legendary creature depicting a centaur. This creature has the upper body of a man and the lower body of a horse and is dropped from Ixion, who dared to lust after Hera, the wife of Zeus. When Zeus uncovered Ixion’s intentions, he sent a cloud concealed as Hera to deceive him, and the outcome of their union was Kentauros. Gods and humans disregarded Kentauros, so he moved to Thessaly and mated with the mares there, giving birth to the centaurs (creatures like half men and half horses).

It is said that Apollo is said to have turned himself into a Sagittarius to escape from Diana’s advances. He was accidentally poisoned with Heracles’ hydra blood and pushed to depart his abode on Mount Pelion to attain lasting life. As he roamed Greece searching for immortality, he traversed ways with Zeus, who proposed a position in the stars as the constellation Sagittarius.

According to Babylonian Mythology, Sagittarius is represented as the god Nergal, a centaur-like creature shooting an arrow from a bow. It is usually shown with wings, two heads, one panther head, and one human head, and a scorpion’s sting grew above its horse’s tail.

In Hindu Mythology, Sagittarius is known as Dhanu, Dhanus, or Dhanurmas. The month of Dhanus is referred to as Sahas in Vedic texts. Sagittarius directly connects with the Hindu deities Lord Vishnu and Lord Hanuman.

List of Effective Sagittarius Birthstones and Their Mystic Powers

Let us discuss some of the best affecting Sagittarius birthstones and their benefits:

Turquoise Birthstone

The gemstone Turquoise is called after its lovely and eye-catching color. It is sourced from North America, California, and the southwestern states of Arizona and Nevada. Wearing this stone is accepted to develop favorable stamina, enhance calmness, and defend one against negativity. The exquisite blue color is associated with enjoyment and protection, and it is constantly worn as a pleasure because of its defensive effects that carry positivity into one’s life. Turquoise is the Sagittarius birthstone for those born in December. It is strongly connected with the Throat Chakra.

Amethyst Birthstone

Another beneficial Sagittarius birthstone is Amethyst. It comes in various purple shades and is mainly sourced from Brazil. This gemstone contributes miscellaneous advantages to its users, including comforting and stimulating the senses, uplifting understanding, equilibrium, consensus, boldness, and spiritual comeback. Moreover, analyses recommend that Amethyst gemstones can aid in diminishing health difficulties linked to circulatory issues, sleeplessness, arthritis, and aches. It is connected with the Third Eye Chakra and Crown Chakra.

Blue Topaz Birthstone

Blue Topaz is a beautiful Sagittarius gemstone. Blue Topaz is obtained via irradiation and heating of uncolored Topaz. Topaz is mined from several countries, including the USA, Mexico, China, and Russia. Blue Topaz is known for its rarity, existing as tough as Sapphire. Two categories of Blue Topaz are London Blue Topaz and Swiss Blue Topaz. It attracts love and long-lasting relationships. Blue Topaz is known for its genuineness and capacity to foster understanding, reality, and analytical and logical review. It improves mental and physical health and is associated with the Throat Chakra.

Lapis Lazuli Birthstone

Another prominent one, Lapis Lazuli, is a mystical Sagittarius gemstone mainly sourced from northeastern Afghanistan. It is connected with the Third Eye Chakra by providing profound intuitive powers. It also helps in enhancing self-awareness. Lapis lazuli offers calmness and coolness, making the wearer self-dependent and focused on reality and belief. This stone makes you courageous throughout your journey, improving your confidence to become more motivated daily. It converts negative energies into positive energies and guards you from evil eyes.

Citrine Birthstone

Citrine is a gorgeous Sagittarius gemstone that comes in shades of golden brown. It is related to increased stamina and spirit and encourages victory and abundance. Natural citrine is found in Mexico, Spain, Bolivia, Madagascar, and Uruguay. Citrine is frequently used as a crystal for recuperation to enhance blood circulation and digestion. It conveys love and power to the Sagittarius. It helps improve concentration, decision-making, and emotional well-being by lessening fear and stress. Citrine is associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra.

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