Opal Jewelry : What Makes it A Versatile Gemstone

opal jewelry

Opals are known for their exquisite beauty, which has been the muse of the poets in ancient times. Romans called it ‘Opalus’ or ‘precious stone’ and admired it for its aesthetic and metaphysical aspects. Opals take a long time to form, approximately 5 million years when silica-rich rainwater seeps down the crevices of rocks. When the water evaporates, the silica left along with rock minerals forms opal.

A gift of nature, opal is a marvelous creation. It has a beautiful array of colors which makes opal jewelry versatile. The intensity and prominence of the play of colors is the fire of the gemstone. It comes from Ethiopia, America, and Brazil, and 95% of the gem comes from Australia. The unique charm and multi-dimensional color display make opal a stunning and glamorous addition to an accessory. Hence an opal pendant catches a lot of attention because of its multi-hued nature. Rananjay Exports has an impressive opal jewelry collection made in 925 sterling silver and rose gold vermeil.

Physical Properties of The Gemstone

The play of colors in the gem comes from silica. The gemstone has a background color and different patterns on its body. No two opals have the same patterns. The dark hues are rare and most sought-after. Opal can be transparent, translucent, and opaque and has a hardness of 5.5 to 6.5 on the Mohs scale. There are varieties in opals. These are :

White or Light Color Opals: These crystals have a white or milky, or transparent background. The display of colors looks magical against the light-hued backdrop.

Black or Dark Color Opals: These have a completely black background or a dark tone and are rare. Found mainly in Ethiopia and Australia, this variety is very desirable.

Fire Opals occur in orange, yellow, or red colors. With bright colors, its vibrancy comes from deep inside of the gemstone.

Boulder variety is found in a variety of colors. They have host rock as its part, and this gives it an eye-catching appeal.

Quality Check of The Gemstone

Color: The deeper hues of the gemstone are valued by jewelry manufacturers. These are rare and quite desirable. However, the play of colors makes the gem more appealing when it comes to the light-hued opals.

Brightness: The brilliance of opal is another factor to know its quality. When the gemstone shines bright not just on the surface but in terms of the vibrancy of its display of colors, it is highly valued. The brilliance of the gem is the reason why opal rings are so popular. They shine bright and make the small jewelry piece noticeable.

Clarity: Transparency is essential in light-hued opals. The more transparent the gemstone is, the more valuable it is. But that doesn’t mean you have to be after the clearest or near to all clear crystals. The inclusions are natural and part of a gemstone’s overall beauty. But when it comes to intense tones, it doesn’t have to be transparent.

Cut: Opals are polished as round cabochons mostly. These are not faceted because they don’t shine just on the surface but from the inside. The rainbow of colors of this gemstone appears best in the rounded convex dome and hence this shape.

Gemstone Jewelry for A Gift

Since it is the birthstone for Taurus, it is the best gift for them. Opal accessory can also be gifted to someone for a fulfilling relationship as it is a symbol of everlasting love. It is also the 14th-anniversary gemstone. The gem is said to bring good luck and fortune. As a stone of abundance, it fills the wearer with positivity, happiness, good health, and prosperity. Jewelry enthusiasts wear opal bracelets to kick-start creativity.

Opal Ring

You can gift your loved one opal earrings as they will go with their every dress and they will like it. Opal rings are also becoming popular for gifting. In fact, many brides go for opal rings as their engagement rings. A protective bezel setting is considered best for an opal ring if you are choosing it as an everyday accessory.

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The gemstone helps the wearer stay calm and relaxed. It is a spiritual gemstone that helps connect with the higher Conscious. It brings balance and harmony to the wearer. Its energies make you look deep inside yourself for self-assessment and then make the required changes for a better version of yourself.

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