Why to Upgrade Stock With Moonstone Jewelry?

Moonstone Jewelry

For decades, moonstone jewelry has been significantly impacting the wearer’s life with its profound meaning. The moonlit association, pearly radiance, and surreal glam have mesmerized the lookers at first glance. Along with the importance of the goddess Diana, which is known to be the reason behind its magical formation.

The Moonstone Relevance For June Babies

The quest of June babies can be solved under the blessings of three crucial stones. The names are pearl, alexandrite, and moonstone. Being a June baby gives you ample options, primarily in the realm of moonstone, which provides light and magic to the individual through its genuineness from history. The fervor of this stone has surpassed the interest of every gem freak to match it with any special day and event. From carrying on important meetups, dates, and occasions, moonstone jewelry grabs the eye of the beholder easily.

The Unknown Historical Relevance of Moonstone

  • Our world is enriched with cultural importance and varied thoughts, making it a versatile, thoughtful stone for gem lovers to enhance their collection. Let’s know about some of the deep and well-known perspectives on moonstone across the globe.
  • In India, this gem is said to carry fortune and wealth within itself, believing that it was carried every 21 years by the tide.
  • Ancient civilization had a deep investment in the magic and serenity of moonstone. And that’s why they specifically slept by carrying this gem to endure sound sleep.
  • This stone is primarily adopted by designers like Rene Lalique and Louis tiffany to customize their jewelry, thus took a deep interest in its experimentation. The 19th-century artistry curated the moonstone in the handcrafted silver pieces.
  • During the flower child movement, moonstone provided its wearer with a pleasing appearance in 1990.
  • Moonstone is largely appreciated by spiritualists, monks, devotees, and shamans. The astrologers call it their destiny seeker stone because of its capability to predict the future by keeping it in the mouth throughout full moon night.

Why its Demanded Worldwide?

Moonstone comes from the family of the feldspar and varies in ample colors. This iridescent gem is accessible in colorless forms like grey, green, brown, yellow, blue, peach, and pink. The play of adularescence in moonstone is the reason behind its alluring color. Then comes the aspect of clarity which varies from transparent to opaque.

This stone is formed of the moonbeams and is highly appreciated in cabochon shape to enhance their gleaming effect. Contrary to this, the genuine moonstone is estimated on the basis of clarity and blue sheen. Some varieties of this gem showcase the cat eye’s effect or chatoyancy, which makes it a rare discovery.

Availability of Moonstone

The fine quality of moonstone is found in the southern part of India and Sri Lanka. And other countries such as Brazil, Mexico, Australia, and the USA have an abundance of this gem. The high-quality rainbow category is located in Madagascar and India. And in this point, how can we forget to mention the fine quality moonstones from Switzerland.

Assure Divinity With Moonstone

This fortune bringer stone is appreciated for gaining spiritual attainment from decades. And in modern times, the moonstone has been used for jewelry arrangements. Along with assuring divinity, moonstone is adequate in balancing the physical requirements. For instance, the problems related to the eyes, lungs, and stomach are handled well. Even Ayurveda recommends its usage. Likewise, the association of the lunar cycle heals the feminine ailments.

Heal With The Colors of Moonstone

Blue Moonstone

This shade heals the mind and renders revitalization to the intellect through its soothing color vibrations. Well, this is one such summertime friend for gem enthusiasts. The stunning hue of this stone seems great when worn in the moonstone pendant.

White Moonstone

This category of moonstone offers complete sanctity and purity in the thoughtful manner of the wearer. This shade purifies the negativity and offers an individual to examine the purest variants of their individuality.

Peach Moonstone

The pastel shade of this category grants intense feminine health. A perfect pick for disbalance hormonal system and fertility. Peach moonstone is a satisfying stone for healing physical problems and promotes a wholesome lifestyle by improving habits and daily activities.

Clean Your Moonstone Timely

Moonstone is a sensitive option that requires care and proper handling. To maintain its hygiene, keep a check on its washing. And to do that, one needs to make usage of a soft brush to sweep the dirt gathered within your accessory. After cleaning, charge it well under the moonlight.

Where to Buy?

The moonstone has an appreciable shimmery glance that appears intriguing on this moonstone ring, necklaces, pendants, and earrings. The spectacular energies result from moon power, which is evident in the fine pieces of wholesale moonstone jewelry at Rananjay exports. Explore the wide range of gemstones at an affordable price.

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