How To Carry Out The Process Of Dye Sublimation Clothing

Dye Sublimation Clothing

Modern technology has made people enclose custom decorated items that were never seen before. The current generation loves the trend of customized apparel and other products. 

Sublimation printing has made the customization process easier and you can get the desired print on your garment. This process works by pricking the substrate’s surface to deliver dynamic and colorful images that are durable and do not fade or crack with time. 

Sublimation printing is not that easy as it seems. It is more like a dare to make an investment in the required sublimation resources and establish a workroom. Before expecting the final result, make sure that you have an instinctive knowledge and understanding of the method and some useful tips to get success.

Here is all about the process to cover you up with the sublimation printing to get the desired printing results.

What you should consider before giving a start?

Going to print with sublimation? Consider the different aspects as mentioned below!

1. Choosing the fabric 

The process of sublimation is executed by connecting the vaporized sublimation ink either with the polymer or polyester-coated materials. It becomes necessary to use polyester, nylon, or spandex fabric blanks. 

The sublimation printing process does not work well with pure cotton fabric because the gas ink will not get fixed with the cotton fibers as there is no polymer present. The result will be faded and blurry; it is no longer lasting too.

The fabric should have at least 50% of polyester in its composition. The other options are tri-blend fabric which has a softer texture than polyester and has a great variety of colors and sizes to choose from. 

Since the heat press is involved, going with the one that can resist the high temperature is recommended. If it is not, the result would consist of wrinkles and jerks.  Other than fabric substrates, the material should always be sublimation friendly for better results. 

2. Colors 

Since the sublimation ink is colorless, the background color will give a base color and brightness to the final result. The ideal color for the method is white or light-colored blank which will give vital and full-colored images.  The surface should always be either white or of light color. In the case of darker colors, the design will be black color and less dynamic.

3. Machine

The dye sublimation printing Edmonton technique requires proper equipment for executing the process, which is not essential with the other methods. The list includes a printer, sublimation ink, and a deliberating paper.

Remember an inkjet printer is different from the sublimation and you can’t make use of it. Only a sublimation printer will get the job done. 

The next thing is to attain the heat and pressure steadiness required for the printing with the help of a home iron. This implies that only a heat press can do the job. In the case of t-shirts, mugs, or other items, a small heat press can do the job.

4. Design type 

If time is a concern for you, go for a ready-to-press transfer paper. But if you want to be experimental who are fond of personalized graphics get printed on the blank, using the image from the computer can work. The saved image should be in digital format and in case of hard copy, make it scanned.  

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Some software will also be required to design and process the digital graphic image. Maybe you need to buy the software if you don’t get it for free from the printer manufacturers. 

How to get sublimation printing on t-shirts?

T-shirts are the most popular garment type that is super comfortable to wear, comes in various patterns, and brings active mode. Now t-shirt printing is something that is ruling the fashion industry and is the best way to get a valuable return on the investment made, just because of its high demand. 

When you decide to go with sublimation t shirt printing Kelowna, make sure that the composition is polyester so that you get the best quality designs. 

The tool and supply list include a sublimation printer with dye-sublimation inks, a flatbed heat-press, sublimation transfer paper, blank sublimation t-shirts, a cotton pillow, digitized image, and a paper cutter.

What are the main steps to get the t-shirt printed?

The first step includes picking up a high-quality image having impressive colors. The digital copy of images needs to be saved on the computer. The artwork is the main key that will influence the final output. 

Do the color adjustment by using image editing software and utilize the design as desired. The printed image needs to be tested on a blank piece of normal paper for review before pressing the blank sublimation transfer paper into the sublimation printer. Make sure that you are printing on the film side.

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