How Does Rudraksha Change your Life?



Rudraksha is a dried stone fruit of the tree Elaeocarpus ganitrus which is a religious symbol to not only  Hindus but also Buddhist, Muslims and Sikhs found in India Nepal Indonesia and Malaysia. It is one of the most religious symbols of Hindu sculptures and prayers and is considered a religious symbol as it has been scientifically proven to control bodily activities.

Rudraksha comes from a Sanskrit word whose script is Devnagari. ‘Rudra’ means Shiva and ‘rakhsa’  means teardrops. It mainly means Shiva’s (the Hindu deity of destruction) teardrop which he dropped on the earth which crying for the compassion of humanity.

Shiva the lord of destruction has been related to the rudraksha by ethical and philosophical means provides by Upanishads and depicts that each Rudraksha has rendered from the teardrop of Lord Shiva and the one who wears it, is purified from the sins he or she has committed to the humanity.


Each seed of the Rudraksha is sun-basked and then the of it is removed, after which it is boiled in water along with sodium bicarbonate thus, removing its pulp. After that, it is cleaned and then cultured by dipping them in almond oil and musk mixture.

The beads are then roasted in smoking sacred fire containing the sacred tree barks and stems, after which is ghee dipped and hardened with the black ash left after the fire by rubbing.

Rudrakshas must be worn only after its purification and chanting the Sanskrit Mantras. For each Mukhi or faced bead, there is a different Mantra, It is to be worn only on particular days mainly on a Monday or a Thursday.


Elaeocarpus ganitrus is a broad-leaved tree on which the Rudraksha fruit is a drupe fruit grows which is then converted to dried pyrenes. The whole process takes about 18 years. The height of the tree is bout 15-20 feet and with cylindrical stem and dark bark.

The fruit grows with a blue-colored pulp which is then dried and converted to the Rudraksha. It can be 1  to 14 Mukhi or faced but 95% of fruits are 5 faced and others are exclusively found in different South  Asian countries. It belongs to the order Oxalidales and is of greater importance to Hindu literature as it is mainly found in Gangetic plains and Himalayan Ranges. Its verity E. angustifolius which is endemic is found in Australia.

The Rudraksha’s seed is found to be 0.5 inches (1.26 cm) in radius and mostly round in shape as most of them are 5 faced.


Rudraksha’s benefits have been scientifically proven and do are scientifically considered as a positive structure for giving positive energy to electrical and magnetic fields provided by Rudraksha.

Some of the benefits of Rudraksha are given below:-

  1. The 1 Faced Rudraksha bead behaves like a defensive warden that safeguards the body from negative You can buy 1 mukhi rudraksha online from trusted brands like Rudraksha Lovers
  2. According to Ayurveda the Rudraksha works as powerful agents for body positivity by acting upon the body system included in the ‘vat pit and cough’ theory.
  3. It is considered an important structure for nervous alignment, as it works on the nerves, brain and reduces problems like depression anxiety fear, and lack of concentration, and improves peace of mind and Persona of a person.
  4. Rudraksha gives bodily benefits and functions to work effectively by helping the circulation, digestion, muscles system, and especially respiration.
  5. Rudraksha also found very beneficial in yoga.
  6. By wearing a 108 bead Rudraksha mala (rosary), according to Hindu Vedas has the following benefits.
  • Works as a protecting guard for the body.
  • Radiates special power that has an optimistic, effect on all aspects of life
  • Mitigates pessimistic karma
  • Demolishes dangerous planetary effects
  • Brings harmony
  • Helps supervision stress and oversees blood pressure and tension
  • Proportions the chakras and removes possible ailments.
  • In all, Rudraksha has positive effects on life and body and therefore is scientifically a fair symbol for prayer and worship.


One must confirm that the Mukhi is well-distinguished and has obvious and natural corners and contours.

Before buying it, one must be ensured with a water test as a true rudraksha does not float in water and rather sinks and a real rudraksha has no change when boiled in water for as long as 6 hours.


There is 1- 14 Mukhi rudraksha, and each has its significant meaning and the most common of them is 5  faced or Mukhi Rudraksha. According to Hindu literature each of them represents the following –

  • 1 faced rudraksha – Astrological importance.
  • 2 faced rudraksha – The basis of the universe
  • 3 faced rudraksha – The three deities of Hindu literature namely Bharma, Vishnu, and Mahesh(Shiva).
  • 4 faced rudraksha – The four Vedas, literature books of Hindus.
  • 5 faced rudraksha – Lord Shiva in his five facets or Pancha Brahma (Sadyajata, Vamadeva, Aghora, Tatpurusha, and Ishana).
  • 6 faced rudraksha – The six Darshana or six lords in one body.
  • 7 faced rudraksha – 7 Seas of the world.
  • 8 faced rudraksha – Rahu the ruling planet.
  • 9 faced rudraksha – Ketu, the planet of livelihood effect.

According to the Hindu literature different Casts of India wears different colored Rudraksha The four kinds of people as per the castes are Brahmins, (white rudraksha), Kshatriyas (red rudraksha), Vaisyas (Yellow rudraksha), and Sudras ( black rudraksha).

Rudraksha’s base is regarded as Brahma, navel as Lord Vishnu, face as Rudra, and the central hole holding all these gods.

And it is called upon as a religious symbol as it is said to purify the soul, he who wears it gets the advantages of the pilgrimages of Shivas temples and the river-baths of all goddess’s rivers and secures  Siva-ssaysjya. He is not born again and gains a place in heaven.

Therefore, the Rudraksha bead has a positive influence on human life and helps to attain soul full and joyous life filled with optimism, positivity, and compassion.

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