Sapphire Engagement Ring : The Ultimate Guide

Sapphire Engagement Ring

An engagement ring, also known as a love band, is a symbol of unity & commitment, and selecting the best ring for your loved one is an essential task for anyone. However, there are numerous choices available for other Gemstone Rings. But the sapphire engagement ring was gaining popularity due to its long-lasting grace, hardness, and exclusive colors available. So, in this guide, we’ll learn about everything from history to meaning and value to the maintenance of the Sapphire engagement ring.

About Sapphire Engagement Rings, History and Meaning

Sapphire is a precious gemstone that has been used in jewelry making since ancient times and is admired for its timeless beauty, grace & hardness. For centuries, it has been believed to protect the wearer from any kind of damage & harm and is mainly used in Royal Regalia.

In the past few years, the popularity of sapphire engagement rings increased when Prince Charles proposed to Princess Diana with this unique gemstone ring in 1981. It became an iconic engagement ring with a 12-carat blue sapphire surrounded by diamonds.

Today, sapphire rings are a symbol of trust, loyalty & faithfulness. It is a perfect choice for couples who value these qualities like truth, serenity & wisdom associated with the blue color of the gemstone.

Types of Sapphire

Sapphire is a beautiful gemstone that comes in a wide variety of colors that ranges from blue to pink or yellow. The most famous and common color is blue, but in some places, pink Sapphire is also popular due to their romantic and feminine appeal. At the same time, yellow sapphires are less famous but still very beautiful.

Blue Sapphire 

The most common type of Sapphire used in engagement rings is the blue Sapphire; it also comes in a variety of blue shades, including pale baby blue to deep navy blue. The most admired blue sapphires are rich blue & deep in color.

Pink Sapphire

Nowadays, Pink Sapphire have increasingly gained popularity for engagement rings. They also come in many shades of pink, from light pink to hot pink. However, the most prized pink sapphires are bright & vivid pink colors.

Yellow Sapphire

Yellow Sapphire are less famous but still beautiful & charming. They come in many shades of yellow, from pale lemon yellow to deep golden.

How to Choose the Perfect Sapphire Engagement Ring?

We have to keep several factors in mind While choosing the perfect sapphire engagement ring:


First of all, the color of the Sapphire is the most crucial factor to consider because Blue Sapphire is primarily used in engagement rings compared to pink or yellow, but it can also be stunning when used.


The cut determines how much a gemstone will shine & sparkle because an efficient cut has a lot of luster & fire.


The transparency shows how clear a gemstone is, while the Sapphire with no visible blemishes or inclusions is more valuable than one with inclusions.

Carat Weight: 

The size of the Sapphire is determined by its carat weight. The Sapphire, which is larger in size, is more expensive than the gemstone, which is smaller in size.


The placement of the Sapphire will showcase how it is presented on the ring. A prong setting will allow more light to pass through the Sapphire, while a bezel setting will protect the Sapphire from damage.

Metal Used:  

Not only the Sapphire, but also consider the metal you are selecting for your love band, whether it is Sterling Silver, platinum, white gold, yellow gold, or any other metal available that compliments the color of the Sapphire.

Value of Sapphire Engagement Ring

Sapphires are very admired, durable, and valuable gemstones, and their price is determined by a variety of factors which includes color, cut, clarity, carat weight, and many other factors. Generally, Blue sapphires are more Valuable than pink & yellow. For example, the best quality 1 to 2-carat stone might sell for prices from $800-$1200 per carat. In comparison, those with 2 to 3-carat stones would retail for approximately double the price per carat, from $1600-$2000 per carat.

And when purchasing a Sapphire Engagement Ring, it’s essential to work with a reputable jeweler who can certify authenticity and quality. This will ensure that you get a genuine sapphire of the highest quality and pay a fair price for the stone.

How to Maintain the Sapphire Engagement Ring?

The Sapphire is a durable gemstone with a hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale, which makes it a classic choice for everyday use. However, like all the other gemstones, they also require maintenance & care.

To maintain the sapphire ring, it is vital to clean it regularly with mild soap and warm water. Avoid using complex chemicals or cleansers as they have the chance to damage the clarity of the stone or the metal band. Instead, keep it in a jewelry box or soft cloth when not used, and avoid wearing it while performing any sports activity.

Healing Properties of the Blue Beauty

In some traditions, it is believed that Sapphire possesses some healing properties and is used to treat various disorders. Whether you wear any Sapphire Jewelry or Sapphire Engagement Ring, it always helps you to stay on the spiritual path, provides strength & releasing blockages. It is also assumed that blue sapphires help express ourselves and facilitate better communication. It also heals the thyroid and, opens the throat chakra, and provides a calming & soothing effect on the nervous system. Many people wear Sapphire Ring because it is correlated with protection and is believed to ward off evil spirits.

Final Thought 

A Sapphire Engagement Ring is a timeless beauty that shows love & commitment. With a wide variety of colors, cuts, and clarity, various engagement rings are available to complement your budget & style. While choosing a sapphire engagement ring, first consider its color, metal & overall design of the ring. And with proper maintenance and care, your sapphire engagement ring will be cherished & admired for a lifetime.

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