7 Benefits of Getting A Wedding Ring Set

Wedding Ring Set

The exchanging of rings is an ancient tradition. The modern idea of a wedding ring is roughly 600 years old, so not exactly a new thing either. However, wedding ring sets themselves are more of a modern invention that’s come to be the traditional standard at this point. Is that the route you want to go? Well, there are certainly plenty of benefits in doing so!

What Is a Wedding Ring Set?

Sometimes called bridal sets, a wedding ring set is the combination of an engagement ring and a wedding band for the bride. Now, you’ll also hear the term “wedding set.” While similar, a wedding set and a wedding ring set refer to different things. 

A wedding set is going to include both the engagement ring and wedding band for the bride, alongside a wedding band for the groom. While that has some utility, we’re speaking specifically about wedding ring sets here.

Benefits of Getting a Wedding Ring Set

1. Everything Matches

Don’t want to figure out how close you can match metals and colors before you go insane? Well, a wedding ring set does all the legwork for you. They were made to go together, so you’re guaranteed a perfect match where every piece is flawlessly integrated.

2. You Can Save Money

You know how it goes: bundle and save. This works for both insurance and wedding ring sets. Will it break the bank to buy your engagement ring and wedding band separately? Maybe, maybe not. Depends on where you shop. Regardless, a wedding ring set is guaranteed to be a more economical option that still looks expensive. Win-win.

3. You’ll Get More Options

It’s easier to add another band onto your wedding ring set, should you want to. Unlike buying your engagement ring and wedding band separately, the set allows you to find another band that’ll perfectly match what you currently have. If you want another band for fancy occasions, it’s quite easy to purchase a complementary one.

On the other hand, while wedding ring sets are made to complement each other, they’re also made to be worn separately while looking great. You can select a simpler wedding band to wear daily that stands up on its own as well as next to your ring.

4. You’ll Save Time (and Stress)

For many couples, this is the biggest motivator in getting a wedding ring set (besides the economics of it, of course). It’s so much simpler to get both of these at once and not have to worry about how they’ll look together and if you made the right decision or not. While men’s wedding bands tend to be a straightforward process, buying women’s wedding bands can be stressful. Wedding ring sets solve that problem.

5. Improved Comfort

Since the set is made to fit together, pinching or rubbing is less of a concern. Two bands perfectly crafted to fit together means improved comfort and that you’ll forget you’re even wearing them! You can also cut down on having the rings slide around on your finger and other inconveniences.

Now, anytime you have two different rings you’re wearing, you’ll encounter some level of inconvenience at some time. We aren’t here to tell you that wedding ring sets are a magic bullet that’ll fix all your problems. However, when it comes to sets versus two individual rings, sets are going to be more comfortable every time.

6. Soldering? No, Thank You

There was a trend of soldering the two rings together a while back. Some women still choose to, and soldering does have some benefits. However, you’re also a lot more limited style-wise if you choose to fuse the two together irretrievably. 

So, if you don’t want to solder the two together, wedding ring sets offer a lot of the comfort benefits of soldering without the commitment soldering requires. Maybe you like wearing just your wedding band but still want to bring the engagement ring out from time to time. Only wedding ring sets are going to offer that option. Solder away if you like, but know its limitations ahead of time.

7. Tradition

There’s a certain element of tradition to the wedding ring set. You find yourself as one of many before you who chose this, and there’s something nice and symbolic about that. It’s certainly not appealing to everyone, but if you lean towards the classic, you may appreciate the certain romanticism that comes with steeping yourself in a tradition much older than you. 

Wedding ring sets aren’t for everyone, of course. You might want to just get one ring and use it for both engagement and wedding, and that’s perfectly reasonable. However, if you do want the two rings, it’s much easier to achieve a comfortable, uniform look with a wedding ring set than buying both individually.

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