You Should Definitely Try Oversized Or Boyfriend Jackets

Boyfriend Jackets

While it’s been quite an amazing year for the fashion world, As models wore masks on the catwalk and the audience joined in via Zoom, this season has unveiled seriously bold and stylish designs.

Summer is back, but unfortunately, we are facing a big problem which is Covid. Don’t worry as you can wear oversized or boyfriend Jackets even at your home.

Because of the reopening world, everyone is excited about this summer. Our editors can talk only about Summer fashion right now.

Oversized Or Your Boyfriend Jackets

You should definitely try oversized or your boyfriend’s blazers.

In women’s fashion, masculinity is been noticed in recent years, in women’s menswear borrowed clothing is a wardrobe every day. If you talk about me I love the 80’s cuts, big outerwear tops, and trousers, slouchy and oversized silhouettes. You know, in the 1990s and 2000s when fitted cover-ups were seen on everyone, we can clearly see that the 1980s are back, many brands offer statement like exaggerated suit jackets.

Suit jackets look longer, bigger, broader, and wider these days. Once you are wearing this piece you are automatically making a real statement and there is no doubt about this, but you should wear it in the right way. Are you bold enough wearing this great look? It’s true, you have to get used to it, as the first days you will feel kind of weird, as everyone will stare at you. You can pair it with awesome, slouchy pants making a boho-chic look. Don’t forget about details, I mean keep attention to your hair, make-up, accessories.

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I would advise you to try on Dandy inspired look. Keep it bold with a V-neck white top, wide-brim hat, white sneakers, and fitted blue jeans.

You should keep in mind several tricks if you want to look awesome in an oversized blazer.

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First: To look fitted keep at least one staple. It can be either shorts, tops, skinnies, or skinnies. It will provide you an additional balance, by making your silhouette look feminine.

Second: Play with your lengths, go for an elongated blazer that looks like a dress. Pull it off with your favorite gowns or mini skirts.

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